About Alan Furth

Alan Alan Furth is a freelance writer and economist living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has written for International Living, Elephant Journal, The China Post, Center for a Stateless Society and Counterpunch. Before settling in Buenos Aires, he lived and worked in more than a dozen other countries, producing supplements and special advertising sections promoting international business, foreign investment and tourism in emerging markets, published with Fortune, Time, Handelsblatt and The Moscow Times.

Drop Alan an e-mail: ala@alanfurth.com

Follow Alan on Twitter: @afurth

Links to some of Alan’s work:

“Noam Chomsky: Entranced by the Bolivarian Spectacle” (The China Post)

“Minimalist Meditation and the Taoist Warrior Spirit” (Elephant Journal)

“Exchanging Money in Buenos Aires” (International Living)

“The Myth of Peronism as Statist Original Sin in Argentina” (Center for a Stateless Society)

“Hope amid Death and Destruction in La Plata, Argentina” (Baltic Review)

“Patriarchy on Steroids: The Case of Venezuela’s Plastic Surgery Fever” (Counterpunch)

“Who’s Who Cyprus 2008″ (published with The Moscow Times)

At Musing on Minus, he blogs about his striving to live a life of maximum meaning through the minimalization of his existence — occasional steak-and-wine excesses notwithstanding.

Alan’s native tongue is Spanish and he writes regularly in that language for El Correo de las Indias; the Spanish-language version of his personal blog, Mínimum Opus; and the Center for a Stateless Society, where he also contributes as Spanish translator and media coordinator.